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    Social networks vary from completely private networks (a WhatsApp group for your close friends) to much more public networks such as LinkedIn where you grow your professional network. BitRump tries to cover both and more. As discussed here, BitRump tries to standardize “posts” which will be called asset. A post or asset can be a post in your social network or the page of a product you try to sell or it might be a gallery of images and so one. The asset has a standard format (which includes text and images and videos and more and many of the fields may be blank according to your needs). This standard asset format enables users to share any content from a personal store for instance in their private networks and much more. It somehow blurs the line between social networks and the rest of the web. In fact, the web has always been a social network which connects people to each other. BitRump merely blurs the unnecessary boundaries and middlemen and third-party companies. You have access to the entire network with one profile and exchange assets to your peers with a very detailed privacy setting. So while IPFS and other technologies provide the infrastructure of the decentralized web and low-level stuff, BitRump aims to address the high-level stuff, things you see and interact with, on the internet.

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