Update 2.25.2019

This article took much more time than expected because it relies more on scientific researches from chaos theory and psychology and more. I’m writing the… Read More »

Update 2.9.2019

It’s interesting that sometimes you discover important pieces of a puzzle by accident. After a moment of curiosity and thinking about the role of evolution… Read More »

Update 2.4.2019

I have been working on the project for sometimes. The main contribution of the crypto community should be to redefine the concept of competition or… Read More »

Update 1.26.2019

After spending some days sending emails to different people about the petition, I’m now writing an Op-ed. António Guterres’s yesterday speech was interesting as it… Read More »

Update 1.18.2019

Today I created a topic in Bitcoin subreddit about WEF. Some users rightly pointed out that Bitcoin will have no say in Davos meetings. This… Read More »