Update 7.9.2019

Those who spent their lifetimes fighting against dogmas and wrong interpretations people have inherited from their ancestors by using knowledge and reasoning and acknowledge the limitations of science and the uncertainty it leads to and also acknowledge their mistakes will not find their efforts as null. But those who reject religions as negative forces no matter what will surely, at some point, look back and see nothing.

3 thoughts on “Update 7.9.2019”

  1. Those who are at the far end of the spectrum should be given more chances because they are in a horrible situation. So they will not have the excuse that my language wasn’t clear. When they say or write something that you think there is one per cent chance that they might change their ideas, it’s your responsibility to try once more. Even if you doubt it will lead to transformation.

  2. We weren’t created at once it took some months to reach a stage so we could be called a living human(talking about the first 9 months). That should solve the issue.

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