Update 7.4.2019

I provide no more explanations for what should be done.
I have tried to make it clear that I welcome harsh criticisms but if they are told by independent people. “Manipulating science” is a meaningless term. Science is either right or wrong. It either provides better explanations for natural phenomena and observations or not.
But the rest of it was perfectly right. I’m in fact very grateful for the reminder. I really am. Bitrump’s idea was all about breaking down huge monopolies into numerous smaller networks and I didn’t talk about it again which was wrong. I will write an in-depth article and post it online. The necessary requirement for the platform is that anyone can download the source code, build a new platform and then all these connected smaller networks build the platform. Very similar to the idea of Bitrump which has been explained in the website.
Sure, if anyone is looking for money and fame, this platform is a waste of time.

2 thoughts on “Update 7.4.2019”

  1. Endorse no one if you will. But don’t let your anger toward someone to be on the way when you make a decision. What I said about the business model is so fundamental. Don’t defeat yourself. I respect independence if that is what you want.

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