Update 7.1.2019

I have said it before there is no miracle person. Some people, in some special cases and not all the time, trust life. That’s why I decided to study the economy then studied evolution and so on and at the end, I realized all of them were connected. I had no road map from the beginning to reach where I am today studying physics.
I normally take a walk and in the middle of walking sometimes something comes to my head, for example, that speed of change in evolution in crucial and I think to myself I should work on that. Some of my ideas are supported by extensive scientific evidence, like the fractal structure, and I mention them with more confidence.
Also, I made it clear that I will not try to please everyone. I will not try to interpret religions in the way that they are totally aligned with absolutely all cultural values and norms people hold today. I heard the Pope had said there was no hell. He is not the one who can do charity with hell and heaven and give them away at will.
What was interesting for me when I watched historical movies was that the “correct path” is like mud. And again that is like pottery and culture and time are crucial elements. The political structure of the early years of Islam was totally aligned with Saudi Arabia’s tribal society and its structure (I have also talked about constants in another article and I will not repeat them here again).
The other point is that I’m not some proud person with unreal claims. Each time I do something that I think to myself that was cool, I’m remembered that I should be humble.
Eventually, I think it’s worth repeating that the fact that people with different ideologies and religions have a crucial role in debates, doesn’t mean that pluralism is correct:

“Say: O disbelievers!
I worship not that which you worship.
Nor do you worship that which I worship.
And I shall not worship that which you worship.
Nor will you worship that which I worship.
To you your religion, and to me my religion.”

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