Update 6.30.2019

I should say I was taken aback at first. I clearly raised a hand and made it clear that I agreed with rejecting dogmas and these things. But certain groups and people try to divide people as their primary strategy. They don’t want to help. I intentionally used concepts in my writings to address some people and wrote in the way that no one would think that I aim to ridicule people. I will not divide, instead, I raise a hand to get help as my primary strategy so don’t listen to those who try to convince you that’s not the case. I made it clear we need thinkers and scholars from different perspectives I try to attract them not to ridicule them.
I watched some historical movies. Some thought I intend to take back history to some 15 centuries ago. I have been clear about it when I talked about the fractal structure. Some people say there are unfamiliar things in those movies as if people in other parts of the world were travelling with BMW in those time. Those historical incidents happened in a certain historical cultural setting and that is key. Our time has no resemblance to those settings and I had made it clear. But there was something very interesting. The strategies of the other side were strikingly similar to what certain people do today. They used the exact same strategies which are telling. When you decide to implement a “brilliant” plan think twice maybe you are acting according to plan. Maybe you are adding a critical piece to the story.

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