Update 6.21.2019

I have two things to write about today. One of them is about something I read on twitter today but I will talk about it later.
Regarding the other point, it might be better if I keep doing my stuff and not writing. But what is the whole point of that? People should feel the weight of responsibility on their shoulders and then they are free to choose. Only then you can be asked why you made that moral judgment. Did you reach that conclusion based on personal, professional considerations? Were you looking for a piece of evidence which enabled you to attack because you had already been mad with someone/something and you were desperately looking for an opportunity? You will be asked did you analyze the matter from all perspectives or your personal reasons had already guided you toward certain judgments? The same piece of evidence may guide some and may mislead others. It has been mentioned many times that God guides those who he wishes and let others go astray.
But regarding the other point, when I talked about ways we could enable people from all around the world to collaborate I intentionally wrote: ” I personally have come up with an idea….”. People should come together and discuss their ideas they naturally make errors but then they should try to improve it in an ongoing trying and fixing process. It’s not possible to expect Heaven to send the final solution and people do nothing (something our friends whom I wasn’t fortunate to meet yesterday didn’t notice).
I have said it many times no fast solution exists for world problems but if there are 100 steps, the first step has to be taken today. And for sure human beings make mistakes but then they correct themselves. It doesn’t mean they should stand still and do nothing.

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  1. I attempted to buy an interesting book yesterday about sharing economy which I wasn’t allowed to but there are many ways to buy things online here and so there is no problem. I’m now focused on physics but there are many books in fields other than physics that are on my list which I will read.
    Also, I will write about my ideas like before and I will not contact researchers and scientists directly at this point. Contacting researchers and others help me to develop ideas but I think it’s better to wait until the time my ideas are in a better stage.
    And finally for those who didn’t read my yesterday post. I posted a series of tweets yesterday.

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