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It’s ridiculous to think that you might someday change my attitude. And it’s ridiculous to think that I can someday change your attitude too but it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try it yet another time.
If you change your attitudes I will never ever change what I’m doing for even a tiny bit. But you will change what people will think of you in future. people will think “they at least changed their attitudes at some point.”
I have tried it numerous times and I will continue to do so. But unfortunately whenever I do that intelligent service people interpret that as a clear sign that I’m more than happy to become their servant. It’s funny. The point is that people always have a chance to change. It’s clear that my writings will not change your attitude but I have to test it.

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  1. I studied hard for undergraduate entrance exam years ago but the result was horrible. I was told to read this verse that: when you are in despair and think you will never get any help, tie a rope to heaven and tie the other end to yourself so you float in air and the rope is the only thing which keeps you from falling ,then cut the rope and see if your trick works.
    If you’re in despair don’t cut the final rope. That will not help. No one knows what will happen in the future. That’s all I can say now.
    Poor people on the other side still notice clear signs. Their Fate, however, will be a lesson for the next generations. They are desperately trying to convince themselves that there is still a way out. there isn’t. And you poor guys will be remembered but not in a good way.
    I will record some courses about basic concepts in physics I have learnt. It helps me learn better. I also plan to record courses about programming too because I will need that later on as well( for computations, etc). None of them is “a clear a sign”. Nothing has changed for you poor people.

  2. A typical reaction from that kind of creatures: Dear lord, we scored a goal. Be more cautious the next time. Regards.
    Have any of your brilliant plans worked so far? did you do anything for this “victory”? Absolutely not. You’re like wood on waves floating around. Just review the whole thing from the beginning once again.
    From the time I was forced to study math and physics in school (and I was sure, 100%, that life was on the wrong path for me) and then I “had” to study architecture and design. The only somehow artistic option I had as a math student. To the way, I was accepted into a music school. To the current time, that different pieces of the puzzle can be seen to form a somehow clearer picture. I wasn’t aware of that when I was studying math in school. Maybe lord is bored with the whole thing and gave up. Or maybe you are the dumbest creatures on earth.
    Regarding my connection to people who have helped me so far; This change of path will not turn friends into enemies. Never. They still have critical roles. This will not fade connections. When situation guides some people to correct their path, they should be happy because most people have been left to themselves to “score goals.” But then they will open their eyes and find themselves in deep shit.
    I don’t know what will happen in the future but I know that I should pursue a normal personal life. And this will not turn friends into enemies. The other part of my life will remain absolutely the same. Not just for me, for all of us.

  3. “Maybe lord” was changed to “My lord” magically before I noticed it and corrected it.
    Why don’t you ask your lord to intervene if there indeed is another one?

  4. I, like everyone else, have no idea what will happen in the future. But I can say people’s interpretation of “having a normal personal life” is ridiculous.

  5. There are things in Judaism and Islam which are not found in western cultures for example. One of my main questions has always been how different rules can become in about 15 centuries. Because history tells us some rules have changed even short times after their announcements in the early years. I simply don’t know the answer. I do wait. Sometimes answers reveal themselves.

  6. Regarding my courses, I will explain things that are known to everyone in this field. Especially books such as Infinity puzzle which are about the history of QM will be very helpful. The history of QM is not a secret and I won’t talk about anything beyond agreed theories, things such as Heisenberg’s uncertainty and these things. That’s a way to learn concepts in more depth. I will spend this morning on the first video.

  7. I was writing about quantum mechanics today. The main point was that we don’t know. QM doesn’t say the universe is based on probability in its most fundamental level. But instead, it says it’s inside a black box and we can only detect a probabilistic wave from it. It took decades including precious decades of lives of giants like Einstein to realize that we don’t know.
    will I have a special place in hell? I don’t know. That’s all I said. If you encounter someone who has the answer to all questions then you should better be alarmed. How can you make sure that I indeed have a special place in hell? If I act in a way to please everyone. Including you the knower of all things.
    Did I came up with a solution? has it been politically and economically any similar to 15 centuries ago? Has it been an all-male game so far? Hell is filled with cowards. Those who don’t stand by their principals to please others. My principle is not that men are better. Quite opposite scientific studies show women are more moral. My principal is to admit that I don’t know. Even if I’m booed. Only then, and listen to this, I won’t have a special place in hell.

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