Update 5.9.2019

I’m now studying basic concepts about stochastic processes and probability and so on. And it seems that some people with absolutely no knowledge in math try to help(!) me which part is important. For example, the lecturer is talking about something like the concept of summation and they try to “help” me and tell me that what the lecturer just said was important. These are basic math concepts.
Intelligent service people threat and blackmail and do all sort of things and try to steal my ideas so I had to post it on twitter and now they try to “help” me. You don’t even know what the question is that I’m trying to answer. Just to inform you I’m now just studying basic math concepts.

2 thoughts on “Update 5.9.2019”

  1. I’ve been reading so many things in full speed for the last couple of weeks. But what I’m thinking of takes more time for sure as it needs a solid math foundation. Furthermore, our spy helpers forced me to read print books only with no internet content. This pushed me to think of other possible ways to develop such a theory as this cannot be done in isolation. Sometimes (only sometimes) trust what life proposes. I will enroll in a master program in physics. I don’t need to pass any entrance exam for that. That is the only option for me this year but then I will switch to another program. I will develop the theory as I’m studying. So I will not wait until the end of the program to start writing my articles. I have 2-3 ideas before writing the main thing (they are related).
    I started with art but then I realized nature is the ultimate beauty and scientific theories are nothing but beautiful works of art. I then found myself working on the final work of art. exciting.

  2. Again they don’t let me create a new post. Very good strategy.
    Also importantrump.com has been expired but I won’t renew that now. And I plan to write new updates only when it’s absolutely necessary. If I’m not posting new updates it means I’m working hard on the project but prefer not to talk about it.

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