Update 4.4.2019

I’m sure intelligent services are fully aware that it is now out of their control and so harming anyone else is committing suicide. And getting rid of me will take sometime.
It’s easy to mess with an unconnected raspberry pi and so, it seems, with electronics of cars. I had a road trip to drive back my parents’ car and before driving, it was locked several times automatically. I thought something was wrong with the car and ignored it. It has happened many times. The car locks itself automatically for me. It happens in some cars when the key is in your pocket and you leave but for me it happens randomly. The reason I’m saying that is that it could be considered a normal accident but it’s not true when everyone are aware of it.
I’m writing the article.

6 thoughts on “Update 4.4.2019”

  1. It’s now very clear that harming anyone else instead of me will not stop me in fact quite opposite is true. And I had no doubt from the beginning that I would not be tolerated forever.
    I came up with an idea to discuss many different and seemingly unrelated things in one article.

  2. I was informed this morning that a long time friend of our family who used to help us in housework regularly passed away in a car crash on the road. The tube was exploded and she passed away immediately and her husband is in the coma.
    The last time I saw her was about 3 weeks ago.

  3. I was also informed today that my cousin in Dallas was badly injured in an accident Wednesday (the day after my road trip). She was turning in a cross and the driver on the car on the other way couldn’t control his car and hit my cousin’s car.

  4. I said it before. The only way to stop me is to kill me and nothing else. But something inside me tells me I’m not done in this world.

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