Update 3.29.2019

This is not the main point of my article but I think I should mention that very briefly (briefly because I’m not in a position to address that in depth). And that is in response to respectable scientists who are clearly independent and are concerned ( those other power puppets are in the other camp – the camp of Pat & Mat – today and when the page turns, they will think to themselves “we knew it from the beginning”. History has seen lots of those worthless “scientists” ).
Gene editing, is it right? As I’m talking about cultural evolution it might concern some respectable scientists that I back gene editing too. Clearly nature of culture and gene are very different and I should say I have arguments against gene editing.
First of all, In complex systems, you edit one component and it has so many unpredictable, destructive side effects unless you have infinite knowledge about the system. A non-deterministic system cannot be predicted (that’s why they are non-deterministic). And if some scientists argue that they want to fast forward evolution and edit genes I have a very good reason to be concerned. What looks reasonable today might not be as good over several thousand years. Natural selection might simply disagree. There are some examples that people killed harmful insects so they couldn’t harm farms for example but then the population of another insect rose and then it had even more harmful effects (just a simple example of an unpredictable side effect). Gene editing is not like curing a patient with medicine. And that is important although some might think they are similar.
But again as I said I’m not in a position to talk about this in depth. All I’m trying to say is that being concerned about the speed of cultural change has no similarity with gene editing.

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  1. When someone does something to see how you react, and they do it millions of times without noticing something is wrong, is to pretend you are responding so they will be busy analyzing(!) that for sometimes. That’s exactly how 4-5 years olds play but it is anything but funny here.
    I was reading a great book by Richard Dawkins and I have another one but I will read it after writing the article. I will begin writing from Wednesday. I have around 30 pages of notes. Short notes which should be discussed in depth in the article. The good news is that I don’t think 3/4 or so of them is right anymore. The first thing to do is to decide what I’m going to include in this article and what I’m going to postpone to the next ones.
    And lastly, I will move my website to another server and if something goes wrong and my website is not accessible for a short time that’s because of that( just to be on the safe side, nothing should happen actually.)

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