Update 3.15.2019

I’m currently studying Neuroscience. And so I will contact other scientists around the world in a short time. That is not for co-authorship just to ask them if they have any opinion about the subject. I think the whole thing in addition to talking about possible solutions should be published as a kind of book but that will happen sometime in the future. Meanwhile I need to study more.

1 thought on “Update 3.15.2019”

  1. The idea of the book is not my next plan and will be done sometime in the future. I will write an article about the consequences of rapid changes in the environment from an evolutionary point of view in a social and political context and then I will send it to influential people. Meanwhile, I will work on Neuroscience too. I will need it when I want to discuss possible solutions. I knew I would need it at some point but because of the morality idea, I decided to study it now. I will work on that too and contact scientists around the world too. But first I need to study more. Then I will write the evolution article and also contact other scientists around the world.
    If I spend so much time on the book it will be blocked at the end again so I think it’s better to write articles before working on the book.

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