Update 2.27.2019

I’m working on the article, Evolution of contradictions.

This is the key point:
Social animals, by definition, are extremely vulnerable individually.

This part of Haidt’s paper (Emotional dog) is interesting:
“The acquisition of phonology provides a useful analogy for the acquisition of morality. Children are born with the ability to distinguish among hundreds of phonemes, but after a few years of exposure to a specific language they lose the ability to make some unexercised phoneme contrasts (Werker & Tees, 1984)….Similarly, a culture that emphasized all of the moral intuitions that the human mind is prepared to experience would risk paralysis as every action triggered multiple conflicting intuitions. Cultures seem instead to specialize in a subset of human moral potential.
For example, Shweder’s theory of the “big three” moral ethics: A child is born prepared to develop moral intuitions in all three ethics, but her local cultural environment generally stresses only one or two of the ethics”

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