Update 2.5.2019

I posted the beginning of the article and it made confusions. Why am I talking about biology and evolution? Well, that’s fine. You will find out what I’m trying to conclude at the end of the article.
But because I mentioned evolution and it is science I thought I had to post another part of the article too. What do all that has to do with the article? Well, I will explain it later in the article not now.

“Communism proved to be unsustainable. Not that it was unsustainable for the whole system but it was against our nature. We are free creatures. Marxism said no, and so it fell. Communism tried to dehumanize us, a losing battle. But what was the role of evolution in all that? We are the result of millions of years of evolution. Our ancestors evolved over millions of years. We, Homo sapiens, are here for thousands of years. “Humans are ushering in the sixth mass extinction of life on Earth, scientists warn” headlines read.
Now evolutionists step forward. Wasn’t evolution all about fitness to the system, that creatures which could adapt to the system will survive? Now the process of the evolution has created a species that disrupts the entire system itself. What would it mean to the evolution process? Why only humans have the concept of morality? What the heck is that morality in the first place an evolutionist should ask. Not that evolution is wrong. No, it works perfectly in nature but there is a bug: Us.
If communism had succeeded to dehumanize us into creatures with no freedom and ambitions that would serve more to the goal of survival. But we crushed it down. It’s not who we are, we said. We explore, we discover, we solve puzzles, we think, we help others, we are free to choose. That’s our nature we said. Then what is the role of evolution in all that? Why do we have such a thing called morality?”

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  1. Evolutionists might argue that it’s not all about our nature and genes, that environment plays a role too. So what is evolution all about? Species who can adapt to a new environment can survive. They argue we, Homo sapiens, couldn’t adapt to the environment. Fine, but we are taking down the entire system, we are not falling alone. What will it say about the evolution process?
    Yes, we are free to make a choice to protect the environment. The survival of the whole system now depends on the choice of one of its components. Not a good model.

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