Update 1.14.2019

My first plan was to contact the press to publish my ideas regarding peaceful, anti-violence mechanisms to adapt to new technological change. That is an academic debate and is the subject of the World Economic Forum next week as well. But apparently, I’m banned. Yesterday I got a kind email from a professor whom I have learned a lot from, asking whether he could share my article. Which of course didn’t happen. It should be made clear if I am banned and my articles which reject any kind of violence or revolution as a workable solution, are prohibited from academic debates (which as I said very similar questions are the subject of one of the most important meetings in the world in some days). I have made it clear many times that this is not an American movement but a global one. Cryptocurrency ,for instance, lets anyone from any part of the world to engage in an economic trade with someone from any other part of the world so it’s extremely important to acknowledge that this is a global issue as is the case in WEF this year. The question, in fact, is to find a suitable global economic structure and that is not a local issue.
I will try to contact some of the speakers of the meeting to share my ideas and concerns. Because sending emails to newspapers and magazines will not be helpful at this point as it seems they face restrictions.

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