Update 1.10.2019

My next move will be to contact Bitcoin magazine to explain BitRump and send them some of my articles so they will get a sense of how I think. But also I will send emails to some academists and activists including Jeremy Rifkin, Jeffery Sachs and others. I will contact their office and I won’t directly send email to them.

1 thought on “Update 1.10.2019”

  1. But also I read an op-ed by Krugman that he was defending the policy of increasing the tax rates of rich people to even 80%. I 100% agree that inequality is a horrible disease (all around the world) and should be cured. But when an economist thinks taxing some people for 80% is a reasonable policy it means only one thing: the system ( the global capitalist system) is terribly broken and increasing tax rate is a short-sighted pain-killer policy (all over the world). I will write a short op-ed for New York Times as a letter to the editor. If they don’t publish it then I will send it to his office.

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