Update 1.9.2019

I changed the way I publish my articles a little bit and I decided to contact Journalists and writers from different organizations first before posting that to Reddit.

I will work on the other article. I think it’s better to send articles to different people first and then publish them. I sent nearly a 100 emails to all newspapers and magazines I could think of and I got one feedback, a one-sentence reply that ” Thanks but I’m going to pass. ”

The next article is regarding these questions:

Paradigm shift changes value systems and costs, how is it going to affect firms’ structures? Will transformation of firms, transform political systems too? Or political systems, armed with intelligent services and hackers and puppets, resist the change? And if so for how long? Is any political system or country safe from this wave of change? Internet revolution didn’t transform firms’ structure, are we witnessing a real paradigm shift now, a chain of inventions together that will change value systems and costs and yes firms, from small firms to states. Can new tools and technologies mix left and right ideas, a free market in a sharing value system?

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  1. I think it’s better to continue my Reddit series because these two articles are parts of the OpenBazaar and Institution series.

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