OpenBazaar And Institution : Open Letter no.2


This is the second open letter to readers of my articles and the first open letter published on November 26. Those who possibly found the first letter disturbing. Those who thought to themselves, outright, it was wrong.
Before posting my first letter I paused for a while, I was about to create an image of myself which would last forever. Then I thought I wasn’t creating anything. That’s who I am. Normally it’s not good that exposing who you really are, damages you, but that’s how things are.
The aim of my articles was to encourage debates on topics relevant to the whole world. But I understand that the real me is on the way. So I decided to write this letter.
In such an interconnected, complex world we live in, no individual, no single idea can save the world. Put aside, individuals. Ideas should be discussed, rejected, developed and transformed. Ideas which have been developed collectively will lead to lasting social reforms. Ignore individuals. Ignore their mistakes, their misjudgments. Let the debate begin.
For a long time prison for me was something to be forgotten. It took years to realize the opposite was true. The lesson was in fact far too valuable to be forgotten. Some months ago I noticed that Mr Gauke, UK Secretary for Justice had expressed his intentions for prison reform. As a person who had experienced life on both sides of prison doors, I thought it was time to bring the topic to the foreground. Mr Gauke had mentioned reforming one side of the prison doors. There are, in fact, two sides to each door and both sides of prison doors need reform. And it’s not limited to the UK. Global problems need global solutions.
For me, civil disobedience wasn’t an easy choice. I wouldn’t do that if I hadn’t clearly and firmly rejected violent solutions and protests in my previous articles. Then protests in France began. It wasn’t entirely peaceful and it achieved as much as protests in this kind could achieve: A few laws were overturned. And it urged me to write this letter to make it clear that no profound reform is ever achieved by violence. No violent solution exists for global problems our world faces. We need no more destruction. Destruction, of the environment and global stability among other things, are being done on a daily basis. Construction, however, based on global collaboration is the solution.

And lastly, I should apologize to those who found my first letter disturbing. I posted that for what I believed to be a good cause, globally.

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