BitRump, What does it mean?

Some people might ask what “BitRump” means. Basically, it doesn’t mean anything but it’s a combination of two ideas. Firstly, of course, it refers to Trump, the current president of the US. That’s it. I used it as a symbol for all politicians. And has absolutely nothing to do with any party. All articles posted here also refer to the whole central authority model. I’m no friend to left or right and by Trump, I don’t refer to a specific person but the whole central authority model. The second idea was actually “The Rump Parliament” which “refers to any parliament left over from the actual legitimate parliament.” Just thought it would be cool.

3 thoughts on “BitRump, What does it mean?”

  1. The first part of the name does refer to that. This is a Dapp (decentralized app) and so the first part of the name is referring to that.

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